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Is there a need for a ski-simulator like this ? The answer to that is YES!

To support this statement Indoor Ski Innovation commissioned an online survey among 500 Dutch skiers who skied in recent 5 years. This survey was done by independent online marketing bureau Multiscope.
This need research showed that 70 percent of outdoor skiers have ever skied on an indoor ski slope. 13 percent regularly visits and indoor ski slope. Furthermore, 39 percent of the respondents have ever been on a roller ski track. 7 percent of respondents regularly visits a roller ski track.
When asked whether these outdoor skiers would go skiing more often in the Indoor Ski Revolution, 57 percent of the respondents answered yes. This means for indoor ski slopes that the potential increase in the number of regularly returning visitors with the Indoor Ski Revolution is more than 4 times as much and for roller ski tracks more than 8 times as much!

See the video below for an Indoor Ski Revolution impression.

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