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Purchasing the Indoor Ski Revolution for indoor ski slopes brings :

A scalable and low risc alternative for indoor ski slope extensions.

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Indoor Ski Slopes can gradually expand their capacity with the ISR without the high costs and financial risks of indoor ski slope extensions. The expansion with an ISR can often be financed from operational profit, while external financing must be attracted for an indoor ski slope expansion. In addition there is the risk of neighboring objection to an indoor ski slope expansion, that’s not present with the ISR.

Lower surfase cost per customer

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The initial cost per square meter skiable area is about 2 times higher for the ISR compared to an indoor ski slope. However, much less ISR ski surface is needed per customer. In the first place this is because on a conveyor belt like the ISR per time unit (hour) you ski more than twice as much because you do not have to be in the elevator. In addition, many more skiers per square meter ski surface can ski at the same time because skiers ski at an ISR at the same speed, and therefore the chance of collisions is smaller. For the same costs as a 30 X 300 meter ski hall, 600 skiers can ski at 100 ISRs in one hour, with each skier skiing twice as much.

More turnover

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Thanks to the endless descent, higher dynamics and descent projection, the ISR offers a higher quality ski experience. This means more customers and being able to ask a higher ticket price.

Flexible cooling costs

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A ski hall is kept open all year round, because the re-application of the snow in autumn is more expensive than cooling the hall all year round. Because the ISR requires little snow, and it can be produced quickly (in one night), the ISR can be switched off in periods when there are fewer customers.

A sustainable high quality ski surface.

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On indoor ski slopes snow quality during a busy day decreases: because of the many skiing over a relatively small surface snow turns to ice. On the ISR however, the snow is constantly disentangled which results in constant powder snow surface during operation.

Less ski surface maintenance cost.

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An indoor ski slope has to prepare the track again for the next day with a snow groomer. At the ISR there are no snowgrooming costs, and there is no night-time slope maintenance.

Separation of the training and fun skiers.

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With the Indoor Ski Revolution indoor ski slopes can take the clients who come for training from the ski slope and train them on the Indoor Ski Revolution. This leaves more space for the skiers that ski for pleasure.

Leverage existing investments in snow and cooling technique

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Current indoor ski slopes already have in house cooling technology and will therefore have little additional investment costs to operate the Indoor Ski Revolution.

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